God's Love in Action

Journey in Faith, Worship with Joy, Serve with Love

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Come join us!

Worship every Sunday at 9:30 a.m. during the summer followed by coffee hour. Adult Forum, Sunday School, and Confirmation resume in the fall.

Visting the Water This Summer?

As you visit your favorite beach, lake, or swimming pool, we invite everyone to bring back some water from your summer trips near or far. On Sunday, September 7, when we return to our school year schedule, we'll pour the water together as we give thanks for God's gift of water and the new life that baptism brings.

Looking Forward

As Immanuel is in the process of renewing our vision for ministry. We are excited about where we are now and want to look ahead to all the lies in the future. Join us as we engage in some holy brainstorming.

Faith at Home

There are all kinds of ways to make stronger connections between the faith we express on Sundays and all the other things we do in our lives. Click the photo to visit www.vibrantfaithathome.org, a favorite site of ours for helping make those connections in easy ways.

"Ordinary Time"

The church now begins a long season of "Ordinary Time," a season without many church festivals. Click above to read more about what makes this season as extra-ordinary as the others!

Youth Service Trip

Our youth are back from our summer service trip. This year we went to Albany, NY, to join with the community in completing needed repairs to the homes of local residents. Click above to check out our trip blog and photos.


Whether you are a long-time member of a church or just exploring what church is all about, whether you are already a member of the congregation or just passing through for a Sunday, you have a place at Immanuel. Your presence with us is a gift. Just by joining us, you enrich our worship and learning, our fellowship and outreach. Immanuel is a Reconciling in Christ Congregation - All are welcome!