Care for Creation

Immanuel is committed to caring for our earth. We take seriously our call to steward creation – using it carefully and preserving it not just for our human community but for animals and plants and for all that is in the world. We also are committed to caring for the earth because those who are poor and marginalized are often the first to be adversely affected by climate change.

What is Immanuel doing? 

First and foremost we are raising awareness in our congregation and community about the need for broad social change in regard to the environment. Our individual steps are important, but they can’t solve the problem alone.

Immanuel has long been committed to recycling, reducing waste from single-use items (like paper plates or styrofoam cups), and conserving energy. But in recent years we have also taken major steps to decrease our dependence of fossil fuels, conserve our resources, and share our abundance: -We have an efficient natural gas furnace which uses significantly less energy than our old oil-burning furnaces.
-We have recently completed upgrades to our lighting fixtures to include LED bulbs and fixtures in the sanctuary and for our outdoor lighting to complement previous lighting upgrades to the rest of the building.
-We have solar panels on our both roofs to provide most of our electricity needs. Check out pictures of the installation here.

Doesn’t that also save money? 

Yes! These improvements, while some require some initial cost, are saving us money in the long-term. We are investing this money back into mission and ministry in the community. By saving money on energy expenses we are able to give more away to support local anti-hunger programs, international relief programs, and the work of the church around the world. For a more complete list of organizations we support, see our social concerns page.