Prayer Concerns

In thanksgiving for God’s many blessings:

Those who mourn: ​  

Health Concerns:  Ron Archer (recovering from broken hip); Dorothy Kent (recovery from
back surgery); Jeanette Miller (cancer, former member of Immanuel); Carol LaValley (friend of
Kathy Carlson); Andrew Kubasek (friend of Kathy Carlson); Ann Wasmer (breast cancer,
mother of Jennifer Wasmer); Bonnie (brain aneurism, friend of Diana Carter); Joe Mercer
(cancer, friend of Shawn Adams); Iver Carlsen (cancer, brother of Karen Bucala); Joe Agruso
(brother of Donna Griffin); Deb Blakeney-Hayward (friend of Kathy Carlson); Bjorn Nordtveit
(going through a difficult time); John Vranich (friend of Cheryl Smith, brain cancer); David
Aitken (brother of Tonya Aitken); Julie Payne Britton (friend of Kathy Carlson, car accident);
Alexander LaValley (friend of Kathy Carlson); Glenda Hall (friend of Tonya Aitken); Raquel
Stankovic Basaez (mother of Aleksandra Stankovic, cancer); Greg Warrick (grandson of Faith
White); Luke Gorey (friend of Dutch Turner); Ed Downs (stepfather of Nancy Nesheim); Susan
Thompson (cousin of Tonya Aitken, cancer); Marge Roy; James DeYoung (cousin of Anne
Weaver); and those in community who remain unnamed

In long-term care or assisted living:  Norm Aitken; Lillian Hebert (hospice care); Lois
MacDonald; Richard and Lois Meyer; Richard and Nancy Peterson.

For military personnel on deployment: Brian Giovanni Como (friend of Pastor Steven) 

Local, National, and Global Concerns:  for those threatened by and those fighting wildfires; for
all who seek and provide sanctuary especially Lucio Perez, his family, and First Church,
Amherst; for the Syrian and Rohingya refugees; for an end to racism in every form; for people
who do not have enough to eat; for people who are making a home in a new country; for
families in conflict; for victims and perpetrators of gender-based violence

Church beyond our walls:​​  The Salvadoran Lutheran Church


Let these persons know they are being remembered by their church family by sending a card or note. Addresses may be requested from the church office. Send additional prayer requests to the church office or call 549-0322.